Meat On Fire: Eight Best Dishes

Discover eight mouth-watering recipes for an open fire. Any meat-eater is sure to appreciate these delicacies. Use them for your next camping trip, and it will be unforgettable. These dishes are simply irresistible, and they do not require much time!

1. Steak 

Grilled protein can be accompanied by delicious salads and side dishes. You will get a complete meal in no time! Start by marinating your steak with your preferred seasoning or rub. Avoid flipping it too often, which prevents proper caramelization. Instead, touch it often and cut into it when it looks ready.

2. Chicken and Bean Nachos

Cooked in foil over a fire, nachos become simply divine when topped with cilantro and served with lime wedges. Take a bowl and mix chicken, enchilada sauce, cheese, beans, and onions. Throw in a bit of salt and pepper. Load foil squares with the mixture. Seal your packets and cook (over indirect heat). They are ready in 6-10 minutes!  

3. Hot Dogs With Beans

This is a great idea for hearty camp dinner. Get some buns, sausages, and seasoning, and start cooking! These hot dogs are fast and easy if you have a cast-iron skillet, and the meal will keep you full for several hours. 

4. Campfire Burgers 

This is a perfect morning meal. The biscuits can be baked by following a simple recipe. Just mix flour, baking powder, dry milk powder, sugar, salt, and pepper in a bowl and add water. Alternatively, get a ready-made biscuit mix from a store. 

Put your sausage patties in a skillet. Let them sizzle while you are cooking up the biscuits in a biscuit pan. next, cook the eggs. If you use a drop biscuit pan, they will be the same size as the patties and the biscuits. When you put the burgers together, they will have an unforgettable campfire flavor.

5. French Dip Sandwiches

Mix softened butter, onion powder, dried minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and the au jus gravy. Cut a baguette into pieces, with a thin slice in each. Place some butter mixture in each slice, and a piece of cheese and a piece of roast beef between every two slices. The rest of the mixture goes on top. Wrap the treat up in foil and grill!

6. Kebabs

Here, meat and veggies become a mouthwatering gourmet meal. be sure to marinate the meat beforehand – for example, in the mason jar marinade. This dish cannot be messed up, and if you cook veggies and meat on separate sticks, they will get cooked more evenly. 

7. Egg And Sausage Breakfast Taquitos

This is a fool-proof dish consisting of scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage links that are rolled and baked inside a corn tortilla. 

8. Southwestern Chicken Packets

Mix corn with black beans and taco seasoning. Divide the mixture between two foil packets, and put a seasoned chicken breast in each. Put some salsa and shredded cheese on top, seal the packets and grill them.