Gas barbecue – what you should know

One of the best moments to spend with friends or relatives is to turn on the bbq that is widely used, especially outdoors in spring and summer. There are different types of gas bbq, from wood or charcoal to gas, but the basic concept is always the same since the heat of the fire is used to cook foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables directly, i.e. without using a container. In fact, when using the barbecue, the food is placed directly on a grill. The advantages given by this cooking method are mainly linked to the fact that the dishes are tastier.

This is especially true in the case that they allow you to adjust the intensity of the heat, allowing you to cook especially the meat on a lower flame for a longer time so that it does not become hard or stringy and is therefore tastier. The barbecue smoker also allows you to eat lighter because the lack of a container causes the cooking fats to end up directly in the flame. On the market there are many models below you can find the five best of the moment.

Characteristics of garden barbecues
Since the methane barbecue is a cooking method that uses a more or less direct flame, it is very important to use it outdoors. The reasons are different, but the most important one is related to security. In fact, it is very important that the stone barbecue is not near a wall and that the flame cannot reach the ceiling. Cooking fats could, in fact, produce sudden and very high flare-ups, with serious fire hazards. In addition, cooking with gas bbq produces a lot of smoke. If you love gas bbq, therefore, the ideal would be to buy one from the garden.

The most important feature of these barbecue models is that the main part, that is the one used to cook the food and which therefore contains the grill, rests on support generally consisting of four legs. Barbecues are also often equipped with wheels, so that it is possible to move them as you wish, taking them outdoors when needed and closing them, for example, in the garage when they are not used.

Some garden barbecue models have more than one grill. The first is closer to the flame, while the other is in a higher position. This is very important because, as we have seen, it allows slower cooking. In addition, when the food is cooked, the barbecue can be closed with a lid. This creates an effect similar to that of an oven with the result that the food is even more tender.

Advantages of having one
Gas BBQ Benefits Another great way to take advantage of barbecue cooking is to take it on a camping trip. For this purpose barbecues have been created that can be easily transported. One of the camping needs is to reduce the size of what you bring with you to a minimum since the tent itself takes up a lot of space. Barbecues designed for campers have the enormous advantage of having folding shelves, legs that can be dismantled, or trolleys that can be removed in order to reduce the size of the most important part of the barbecue, i.e. the one needed for real cooking. own.

If the model you have is equipped with rather short folding legs, the best way to use the camping barbecue is to place it on a support, possibly a table, since the support surface of the gas grill should be stable. It would be preferable to avoid placing the gas grill directly on the ground when you are in a place where there is a lot of dry grass, especially if it is quite high. This is very important to avoid fires. It would be useful to take this type of precaution even when the barbecue is guaranteed to be suitable for any type of surface. Once the barbecue is placed in a stable and safe place, just turn it on following the instructions and then start cooking whatever you want.

When to buy one?
The electric barbecue can be an excellent choice for those who love to grill meat or other foods but are in a situation where they are unable to use a traditional steel or gas barbecue. The reasons for this choice can be different, let’s see the main ones.

Electric barbecues have an average lower cost than other types of barbecues, so they are within the reach of more people;
Not everyone has a garden or a balcony. Even when you have a balcony, you may not have permission to use an outdoor barbecue in your condominium;
Electric barbecues are portable and easy to handle;
The smoke produced by electric barbecues is very limited, to the point that they can be used in the home, even if you don’t have an extractor hood;
For the same reason, electric barbecues do not give off very strong odors.
However, it is also necessary to say that these appliances also have some disadvantages compared to gas or charcoal BBQs. The first concerns the dimensions, in fact the electric barbecues are small, to the point that it is impossible to think of using them for a barbecue with friends. Another disadvantage is the consumption of electricity, which is more expensive than gas and wood. Finally, it must be said that the dishes grilled with an electric barbecue model are less tasty than those prepared with other systems. The very simple reason for this is due to the fact that wood and coal give off aromas that can enrich food, while, in the case of lava stone gas barbecues, the fat that melts during cooking ends up on the flame or on the stone slab lava, depending on the model, evaporating and going to flavor the dishes.

Outdoor barbecues are a great way to spend time with your friends or family sharing good food. In fact, barbecues allow you to do all this quickly and easily. Barbecue cooking is also advantageous because it does not require special experience. As we have seen, gas lava stone barbecues can be powered in a different way, in fact they range from the classic ones that use coal or wood, to the more modern ones that use gas (LPG or methane) or electricity.