How to choose a sofa?

Let’s talk today about the right choice to make regarding the purchase of the SOFA.
The sofa is an important part of the furniture, the element that also includes important, non-negligible subjective aspects.
Each person conceives the sofa and its use in a different way.

What is the true and intrinsic value of a sofa?

The sofa is the element that makes up the furnishings of the house where you can relax after a day of work, comfortably watch a good movie, chat with friends and family, have a drink with friends …

The worst thing that can happen is to make a mistake in buying a sofa, and find something really uncomfortable and/or cumbersome, of low quality or of questionable aesthetic taste and maybe even difficult to clean.

A sofa can be uncomfortable in many ways: it can be too deep, too rigid or too soft, too low, or without support for shoulders and head …
Each one of us considers the “inconvenience” of the sofa according to the use it makes, according to its own physical characteristics, or the sensory and subjective perception that each one of us has.

Making your own head to choose your sofa certainly does not help to find a sofa that is well proportioned compared to the room where we have to place it, that has a pleasant aesthetic, a color of the coating that integrates with the surrounding environment …
Finally, I remind you that important detail on the sofa is the modularity of its elements, to ensure greater versatility in creating the compositions to be placed in the spaces.

For this, the help of an expert is essential for choosing the right sofa.
The harmony of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors makes a sofa … the perfect sofa for you!

Here are some tips for NOT making mistakes:

We begin to know all the parts that make up a sofa and its invisible but perceptible “soul” when you go to “live” the sofa itself.

The STRUCTURE of a good sofa must be made of metal with natural materials such as wood or plywood, better if it is not made of chipboard, this material is usually used in cheap and low-quality sofas, this does not guarantee strength, resistance, compactness to the same.
This element that forms the backbone is the true “soul” of a sofa.

The SPRINGING of a sofa is very important because it guarantees its comfort. The spring system consists of non-deformable steel springs, elastic belts, a polyurethane mat.

PADDING must have main characteristics; softness, breathability, reliability. The materials frequently used in quality sofas are polyurethane, down, and wadding. The quality of the polyurethane is determined by its density (Kg/mc), lift (compressive strength), and resilience (ability to return to the initial position).
MIND expanded polyurethane has the characteristic of being viscoelastic and adapting to the shape of the body to ensure good comfort and have a perfect elastic return to the initial position. Very important is the fact that polyurethanes must NOT contain substances harmful to our health and the environment (such as CFCs, chlorinated solvents).
FEATHER like wool is antistatic, flame-resistant, and ecological. Before being used, the feather is washed, centrifuged, and sterilized. The feathers that are usually used only goose and duck.

The expanded polyurethane represents the “heart” and the load-bearing part of the cushion, the “hard” part that gives the shape. The fiber and the feather instead guarantee the softness. The feather present in the cushions is enclosed in a lining divided into “cells” or compartments that ensure homogeneity and compactness and avoid the effect of the deformed cushion.
The padding of the cushions is made with a feather, wadding, and polyurethane foam. Together these elements create the effect of softness, lightness, and structure of the cushion or of the structure of the sofa itself.

The COVERING of your sofa can be made of fabric, natural leather, certainly not in eco-leather because this type of covering is not suitable for covering the sofa.
Better if the cover is always removable so that it allows us to have speed and convenience in cleaning or regenerating it.
The attention that the removable cover of the sofa is total for the cushions and the structure.
Even the quality leather sofas are completely removable.

The FABRICS that are used to cover the sofa can be of different types.
The quality depends on the characteristics of the fibers used.
The fibers can be of natural origin (wool, silk, cotton, linen …), artificial (viscose, acetate), or synthetic (polyester, acrylic ..).
The most important requirements that determine the quality of the fabric are resistant to abrasion, light, and pilling (when the fabrics are subject to intense use, there is the formation of hair on the surface which then turns into fur balls).

For the abrasion test, the Martindale method and the unit of measurement of the revolutions are used to determine the abrasion resistance.
For this reason, it is important to check the wear data of the fabrics (Martindale) which gives us an indication of how much resistance the fabric has before suffering abrasions and creases.

The commonly used quality hides are of bovine origin, coming from pastures (Europe, America). The skin is a natural, breathable product that adapts to the temperature of the human body, which does not cause allergies (if tanned with the correct criteria), and is easy to dust and clean.
The most precious leather is called “grain” or “full grain”, while the “correct grain” is the skin that has undergone a sanding or sanding to correct defects. The less valuable skin is called “crust”.
Leather tanning is the operation that allows us to stabilize the fiber, avoid putrefaction, and increase resistance.

The “full-grain” leather gives maximum comfort but less resistance to stains, while the “correct grain” gives less comfort but greater resistance to stains.

To clean the skin, just use a soft, non-abrasive cotton cloth, moistened with water and low-fat milk in equal parts (and occasionally use products based on natural waxes to extend its duration). If there are persistent stains, use the special products for cleaning the leather, NEVER use solvents or alcohol.

If a sofa has a good structure and all the elements that compose it, with good characteristics, you can think of a sofa that will really last many years.
Be very careful to buy products that are too cheap because they can cause serious health problems for those who use them (back pain, dermatitis, allergies, and more) … there are several companies that have ongoing causes for these reasons.
Be wary of too cheap “made in Italy”, it cannot exist, they are saving somewhere and they are hiding it from you … at the expense of your physical and/or economic health.