How to choose a Memory Mattress?

Memory firm mattresses represent the most innovative products in the world of mattresses, thanks to their extraordinary ability to support and adapt to the shape of the body during sleep. However, hundreds of different types of Memory are offered on the market, so the question you can ask yourself is: how to choose the right Memory mattress?

Read the technical specifications carefully

To understand if the Memory mattress is a quality product, read the datasheet carefully. The Memory slabs used must have a density of not less than 40 kg / m3, and the polyurethane support plate, in turn, must not have a density of less than 25 kg / m3.

One or more layers?

The best memory mattresses, in addition to the support layer in polyurethane foam, have several layers of memory foam: this allows the so-called “progressive acceptance”, a system that provides a first, more welcoming, and a second, more rigid slab.

The system of “Progressive Hospitality” determines more precise support of all parts of the body, a lower compression of the external pressure points (such as shoulders, elbows or hips), and decidedly higher comfort. These mattresses are often cataloged as “Medical Devices”, and can enjoy the 19% tax deduction.


The best Memory Foam products have a height of not less than 20 cm, even reaching heights of 24-25 cm: the greater the height, the greater the thickness and the number of layers of Memory used, and therefore the better they will be the welcoming and comfort performance of the mattress, and also its durability.


The best mattresses use “open-cell” Memory Foam, characterized by the maximum possible passage of air; the extreme porosity of these products allows for greater perspiration, which makes the product heat-sensitive and able to absorb body moisture, essential qualities for NOT suffering from heat during the summer.

The most innovative products use more advanced products, such as Breeze foams, capable of 30 or 50 times greater perspiration than normal Memory foam on the market


Don’t compromise on the quality of your rest: a quality mattress can last up to 10-15 years, so it is an investment to be taken with the utmost seriousness; you should, therefore, buy the best mattress possible, according to your budget and your physical characteristics.

If you think that a double mattress costs you € 1000, try to think that the cost of that mattress, divided for 10 years and 12 months, will only cost you € 8.34 per month for 10 years: definitely a small price to pay for a quality rest.